Its your face, your lovely face.

Cheers to the start of gifting portraits.

This one goes out to my soul sister, confidant, and all that shit. (She knows)


Let me see you the way I want and I'll show the world! or really just whoever looks at my website.

Queue all of the songs that have ever referenced photography  (Pictures of You immediately came to mind)

Sensations, Dreams, and Premonitions

I recently turned 28, which isn't old, but it certainly feels significant, at least in the sense that I am at a point to where I'm not exactly sure what the future means. I'm learning to make no accordance with these ideas of being a certain person by a certain age because honestly, it's not as momentous as I had thought it at one time. It's only with age that I'm making this defined... or undefined; but spending days and life (for the most part) exactly how I want and making it the best I can.

Birthdays have always been on a level of expectation that can't ever seem to be equalized. I told myself that it was more important to have a great day rather than making it a fuss; and it worked. It is thanks to my husband and some of my close friends that this came to fruition.

Canoeing on the Harpeth River in a rain storm with a disposable camera was the best idea ever. Thanks Carissa! ( we shared the duties of documentation with one another)