getting honest with myself

This measurable period has expired. Being so stifled by failure that my productivity is nonexistent or letting my timid nature take over is no longer valid. Trying to get past this quicksand phase is a hard thing to do, but it's getting easier... I think. Things aren't just going to fall into my lap, and for some reason I had delusional expectations that this might happen. So with that being said, here you will find current works in progress motivated by personal growth. For now there is no concrete theme or concept but rather loose ideas and my love of preservation. Pardon the lack of eloquence but I hope you enjoy, and if not, that's okay too.

So lets go back to the beginning, to when I was obsessed with taking snapshots. These happened in the most organic way possible, prior to any type of formal instruction or education on the subject. This appropriation of sorts was procured from my own personal collection: "Danielle's box of memories, DO NOT TOUCH". The images came from the alcove better known as the top shelf of my closet which also houses my old yearbooks. Riveting, I know. But here we go, back to where it all started.


PS - Every bit of these were shot on 35mm film between the years 1993-2002 and are mostly Fuji Crystal Archive prints with a few Kodak throw in.

These are the homes that I grew up in