Camp vibes and Tennessee times

In a little less than a month Brandon and I are going on an epic camping vacation. For three weeks we will be sleeping in a tent, living out of our car, and road tripping through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. I had jokingly named it our 'crystal cactus spirit journey', but it is indeed a spirit journey, and a chance for us to do something for ourselves. We haven't been on a real vacation together in about 3 years so it's time to get down and dirty, reconnect, explore new landscapes, and to serve our love for all things outdoors.

For the past couple months we have been saving and slowly gathering gear that is necessary for us to do this trip right.This week we have had a great time testing it out at Foster Falls.

Where was I?

It was tricky finding my place, but maybe I'm projecting just a little. I couldn't help it. I tried to shake the rigidity but that didn't quite work, so I did what I knew... B l e n d.

Bonnaroo is a funny place. 

I amused myself through in-depth conversations with strangers and observing the obvious.

Don't forget your mantras.

A True Southern Gem : Lilly Hiatt

You may or may not have heard of her, but you will. She might have made you a latte or served you gelato in that little marketplace known as Whole Foods, but its really only a day job. "Its blue collar work but its just a sliver of my life."  Working in the service industry doesn't typically lend itself to showcasing ones talents and the people that we serve on the day-to-day have no idea... and well, let's give them one. I want those folks to know that they could be talking to a talented writer, photographer, painter, hair stylist, or in this case, a musician.

Lilly has been singing since she was a little girl and started writing her own music and playing guitar at age 12. Growing up she was (and still is) musically influenced by the 90s era and grunge bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and The Breeders; Singer song writers including Liz Phair, Neil Young, Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams, PJ Harvey, also Tom Petty, and her biggest influence, which is her dad, John Hiatt. "I have always looked up to my dad. He's the shit. As a phenomenal writer and hard worker, a really great example had been set for me. Our relationship has a deep trust and love. I feel lucky to have him in my life. I have access to all of this wisdom, but its also terrifying finding your own voice within it. He has helped me grow with proper guidance, constructive criticism, and real advice. I'm on a little journey."

Lilly's musical style could be categorized in the Americana realm, sort of. But it is also floaty, a bit shoe gaze country, singer song writer, rock n' roll, and backed by a band with a fairly large presence. "Its got a twang and I can't deny that but there's still a bite to it. Its kind of like : Yeahhh. We like to rock out." She does all of the song writing but the band plays a big part with the structure, texture, and ironing out the format of the songs. The core of the lyrics are about processing and coping with life's events.

"Characters are embellished and are a few different people rolled into one. A lot of men, obviously, because I'm boy crazy. It can be anything. Traumas, excitement. A necessary means of sifting through my emotions."

As Lilly and I gabbed on the phone about life and work and all the magical things in-between, she was driving back from Mobile, Alabama where she had just played a sold out show with Will Kimbrough. She loves the open road. It makes her feel rejuvenated, giving her a sense of who she is. "Put's a lot into perspective, just how small everything is"

On May 17th Lilly and her dropped ponies are set to record, analog style, creating that warmer kind of raw sound. Their new album is to be produced by Adam Landry. "Things are born in the studio and its liberating."


Go see this little darlin' perform at the Basement in Nashville on May 29

 Special thanks to my beautiful friends for helping make this happen. Hair and makeup courtesy of Kat Dickie; Assisting and styling by Carissa Shapiro.

getting honest with myself

This measurable period has expired. Being so stifled by failure that my productivity is nonexistent or letting my timid nature take over is no longer valid. Trying to get past this quicksand phase is a hard thing to do, but it's getting easier... I think. Things aren't just going to fall into my lap, and for some reason I had delusional expectations that this might happen. So with that being said, here you will find current works in progress motivated by personal growth. For now there is no concrete theme or concept but rather loose ideas and my love of preservation. Pardon the lack of eloquence but I hope you enjoy, and if not, that's okay too.

So lets go back to the beginning, to when I was obsessed with taking snapshots. These happened in the most organic way possible, prior to any type of formal instruction or education on the subject. This appropriation of sorts was procured from my own personal collection: "Danielle's box of memories, DO NOT TOUCH". The images came from the alcove better known as the top shelf of my closet which also houses my old yearbooks. Riveting, I know. But here we go, back to where it all started.


PS - Every bit of these were shot on 35mm film between the years 1993-2002 and are mostly Fuji Crystal Archive prints with a few Kodak throw in.

These are the homes that I grew up in